Hi I'm Jade Mullin, mother of three and nail artist.

The Jade Mullin Academy was created from my experiences working as a self employed nail technician, striving to deliver the best possible services to my clients. 

I learnt that to thrive in the industry successful nail tech's love their job and build fantastic customer relationships. However, to standout means using the best products and continually developing your skills and repertoire.  Learning from others and sharing our experiences.

The Jade Mullin Academy's aim is to help you:

Have access to the materials and nail products you need to give your customers the amazing results they deserve.

To provide access to cost effective nail training to continually develop your skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced nail artist looking to add new styles and techniques to your portfolio.

 Create a space to showcase not only my work but also those of my students and colleagues to provide inspiration and encouragement as you develop your own skills be that for you, your friends and family or as a business owner.

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Student Testimonials

I attended a refresher course with Jade Mullin and I have gained so much more confidence from just a day. A lot more knowledgeable than training at college in an evening class. I would highly recommend training with Glitterbels and I wish I had from the start. Jade is so helpful towards everyone and is always responsive when asking questions after class. Definitely doing more courses!

Sarah C.